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My review of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is up.

If Breaking Bad has taught me anything, it is that pure, refined addiction comes in many forms. Like regular meth,Diablo III had a pretty strong hook with some serious side effects. Being able to buy items from the auction house took a lot of fun out of doing runs at the end because there was always the option to simply buy what you wanted. With the auction house existing, the idea of replaying the end game over and over again was diminished because items could be fairly readily acquired (as long as you were willing to pay the ridiculous prices). I’m pretty sure Heisenberg was hired by Blizzard, because the typical addictive hook that Diablo III provided has been taken off the streets and replaced with pure blue crystal meth in the form of the expansion, Reaper of Souls.”

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IndieCade’s #screenshotsaturday Showcase April 12

Each week we’ll be featuring 10 screenshots sumitted by developers currently working on games for submission to the IndieCade Festival. Here are this week’s “winners” (in alphabetical order).

The rules for submitting have changed. Read the updated version here.

Day of the Viking by Vorax Studios

Lumena by Elevate Entertainment

Quench by Axon Interactive

Rain by Jord Farrell

T.R.E.E. by 6 O’Clock Games

The Masterplan by Shark Punch

Treasure Adventure World by Robit Studios

Verde Station by Duelboot

Why Am I Dead At Sea by Peltast Design

Within Dreams by Tooth and Claw Games

Honourable mentions go to Backward pieS, who submitted something too cute for their own good, and Zuul Labs.

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